Raintree Academy - 77373-Preschool Sexual Abuse

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MK - Preschool teacher sexual abuse defense doesn't fool police in Houston. Raintree Academy, 4515 Treaschwig Rd, Spring, TX 77373, (281) 821-9055, ignored repeated complaints to investigate claims of various marks on children that didn't come from the playground.

Please do not let the abuse continue. Check with state regulators if Raintree Academy is licensed since it is being investigated, and ask them to provide IN WRITING how often they conduct background checks on employees, and why they ignored complaints of past abuse.

It is unfortunate Raintree Academy Spring TX refuses to provide its answers in writing, so keep in mind multiple other preschools exist down the road who do comply with the law and take sexual abuse in Spring Texas seriously.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Arrested Preschool Teacher - Raintree Academy

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Spring Texas preschool Raintree Academy may now be audited after Allison Ross was arrested on multiple counts of child abuse while a preschool teacher. Allison Ross reportedly worked for Raintree Academy Spring Texas, who did not perform a background check on Ross.

If true, then Raintree Academy could be hit with yet another lawsuit. Houston ABC news affiliate reports the arrest below, and ask you look at the booking photo and contact police if you believe your child was abused at Raintree Academy.

To think backgound checks are so cheap to do online and that Raintree Academy did not take such a precaution with Ross. God bless, MK


Review about: Raintree Academy Spring.

Monetary Loss: $5000.



Per the link you put in here. The daycare worker is from " Taking Care of Kids Daycare in Huntsville" not Raintree Academy?

Raintree Academy is Dirty, No Background Check

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Raintree Academy is dirty, cracked floor, dusty shelved, and now know a former escort, Nicole Mateo, was allowed to work their to top it off. My child was withdrawn and seemed so helpless while at Raintree Acadmey.

Other reviews show the place is a mess, and the staff cannot be trusted.

In fact, I simply Googled Raintree Academy Spring or 77373 and it has barely any reviews, and not even a website since its staff changes so often they can't update it quick enough or show any good pictures of the interior. Horrible place and i so regret it.

Review about: 77373 Preschool.

Monetary Loss: $4000.


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Who cares about someones past who are you to judge?? Maybe you need to research a little more before throwing your baby in any program. Shame on you

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BS spiteful parent daughter had gone there 8 years since birth. She us had they are like family that pic was not taken there.

We love Raintree and the staff and owners!!! 8)

Ex Hooker Works at Raintree Academy Spring Texas

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While picking up my child, I recognized a female who would always seek shelter in my liquor store until the police car got done driving through the street. Nicole Mateo proudly posted herself online, and is now married to her old pimp.

Raintree Acadamey really lowered standards to allow Nicole Mateo work, muchless inthe front. Avoid your kids going to Raintree Avacamy until they perform back ground checks on emplooyees.

I am thankful Michael King motivated me to publish this to help other parents. Kids must be protected at all costs, and have some like Nicole Meteo watch over a child is criminal.

Happy holidays to all.

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You are very judgmental

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My daughter has gone there since birth and she is 8. This post was just a spiteful parent.

They are very good and my daughter loves them. :grin


Just admit you only recognized her because you paid her for her services and move on. It appears you enjoy being a john.


Perhaps she has found God and is now reformed. Why don't you confront her and find out what her story is before you go off half-cocked.

People do reform, you know. Not likely, I know, but at least ASK what is going on.

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